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Unlock a world of opportunities with e-Residency’s latest offerings! Dive into a curated selection of grants, dynamic growth programs, and funding solutions tailored for businesses like yours. Whether you’re eager to fast-track your success with our exclusive acceleration and incubation programs or explore Estonia’s rich investment ecosystem – we’ve got you covered. Dive into the future of business and get the support you deserve now!

The journey of transforming an idea into a successful enterprise comes with numerous opportunities tailored for different stages of the entrepreneurial process. Here’s a breakdown of opportunities available for both pre-startups and startups:

Incubators and Accelerators:

  • Incubators: These are perfect for pre-startups or those just birthing a business idea. They provide a nurturing environment where entrepreneurs can develop their business concepts. Typically, they offer office space, mentorship, and educational resources over an extended period.
  • Accelerators: More suited for startups that have a foundation but need a boost. They provide a rapid-paced environment, mentorship, resources, and often capital in exchange for equity, aiming to ‘accelerate’ the company’s growth within a short time frame.

Investing and Funding:

For Pre-Startups: At this stage, angel investors or early-stage venture capital might be interested if your idea is truly disruptive and promising.
For Startups: Beyond angel investors, venture capital firms, crowdfunding platforms, and other institutional investors become accessible, offering larger funding amounts for equity or debt.

Clusters and Support Organizations:

  • Clusters: These are groups of interconnected companies and institutions in a particular field, located near each other. Being a part of a cluster can provide pre-startups and startups with a competitive advantage due to shared resources and knowledge.
  • Support Organizations: From government agencies to non-profits, these organizations offer assistance, resources, and networking opportunities for both pre-startups and startups to navigate the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Grants and Loans:

  • Grants: Both pre-startups and startups can benefit from grants, which are non-repayable funds. These are usually provided by government agencies, foundations, and corporations.
    Loans: Typically more accessible to startups with some track record, these are borrowed funds that need to be repaid over time, often with interest.
    Competitions and Events:
  • Competitions: These platforms offer both pre-startups and startups the chance to pitch their ideas or businesses for prize money, resources, or investment opportunities.
    Events: Networking events, seminars, and workshops can be invaluable. For pre-startups, they provide learning and partnership opportunities. For startups, they can be a venue for marketing, partnerships, or even fundraising.


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