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Optimize Your Investments with an Estonian Holding Company

Formation and Management of Your Holding Company in Estonia

Discover 100 reasons why Holding company in Estonia one of the best structures. Maximize your global investments with our expert guidance and support.

Key Advantages of an Estonian Holding Company

  • Tax-Free Retained Earnings: An Estonian company offers a significant advantage: no taxes on dividends or capital gains as long as the earnings stay within the company. Trade your crypto, commodities, or shares without any immediate tax burden.
  • Tax-Free Dividend Withdrawals: Under specific conditions, even dividend withdrawals can be tax-free. This unique benefit could potentially eliminate your tax liability entirely, regardless of your investment success.
  • Ideal for Personal Tax Residence: Estonia could be an ideal choice for personal tax or legal residence, providing multiple avenues for tax-free income.

Choosing a jurisdiction for a holding company is a critical decision in international tax planning, influenced by legal stability, tax benefits, and international treaties. Estonia stands out as a premier jurisdiction for establishing holding structures due to its:

  • Stable Legal and Tax System: Transparent and robust legal environment with a straightforward tax regime.
  • EU Membership: Access to the Parent-Subsidiary Directive, allowing tax-free repatriation of profits within the EU.
  • Extensive Double Tax Treaties: Network of Double Tax Treaties with 64 countries, reducing the likelihood of double taxation.
  • Efficient Incorporation Process: Quick and efficient company incorporation through advanced digital infrastructure and e-Residency program.
  • Favorable Business Environment: High global rankings in economic freedom and ease of doing business, coupled with pro-business policies.
  • Profit Reinvestment Incentives: Unique tax system encouraging reinvestment of profits into the business with deferred corporate tax on undistributed profits.
  • Access to EU Markets: Enjoy free movement of goods, services, capital, and labor within the EU, facilitating business expansion without additional trade barriers.

Seek legal advice to understand the international tax implications and tailor a tax planning strategy for your needs.

Estonia holding company

Tallinn, Estonia 2024

Book a consultation to understand the international tax implications and tailor a tax planning strategy for your purpose.

Tax Benefits for Companies

Estonia offers a highly competitive tax system with no corporate tax until profits are distributed, allowing companies to reinvest earnings efficiently.

Tax Benefits for Individuals

Dividends from Estonian holding companies are tax-free for residents, providing significant personal tax advantages.


Setup costs

Estonia boasts low setup costs for holding companies, making it an attractive location for establishing corporate entities. The streamlined process reduces initial financial outlay, enabling companies to allocate resources more efficiently towards core business activities.


The ongoing expenses for maintaining a holding company in Estonia are minimal, contributing to long-term cost-effectiveness. With efficient administrative processes and competitive service provider fees, companies can optimize their operational budgets and enhance profitability.


Estonia offers a favorable regulatory environment with low bureaucracy, simplifying compliance requirements for holding companies. This streamlined approach reduces administrative burden and regulatory complexities, allowing companies to focus on strategic growth initiatives rather than bureaucratic hurdles.


Holding companies in Estonia enjoy the advantage of not requiring a specific license, provided they meet certain conditions, and have the freedom to conduct business across the entirety of the European Union. This regulatory flexibility facilitates market expansion and enhances business opportunities within the EU market, positioning Estonia as an attractive hub for multinational corporations seeking seamless cross-border operations.


Estonia’s commercial legislation offers favorable conditions for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), including exemptions from notarization requirements for share transfers in private limited companies and the inclusion of unlimited shareholders, even in private entities. Additionally, Estonia’s beneficial tax regime, which exempts undistributed profits from taxation and imposes no withholding tax, along with exemptions for profits from foreign permanent establishments, further enhances the appeal of Estonia as a holding company location, promoting investment and economic growth.



Estonia’s banking system is renowned for its stability, bolstered by prudent regulatory oversight and adherence to international standards. Despite economic fluctuations, Estonian banks have maintained a solid foundation, ensuring depositor confidence and financial resilience.

Corp. Banking

Banking in Estonia is characterized by a plethora of robust services tailored to businesses’ needs, supported by renowned institutions like SEB and Swedbank. These banks offer a diverse array of financing options, transactional services, and advisory support, all with a strong emphasis on digitalization and efficiency. Through innovative solutions, Estonian corporate banking facilitates seamless business growth and expansion, catering to the evolving demands of the corporate sector.

Private Banking

Private Banking in Estonia, with the presence of esteemed European institutions like SEB and Swedbank, is dedicated to serving high-net-worth individuals with personalized financial services, wealth management, and investment opportunities. Additionally, Estonian companies and resident clients are well received by Swiss banks, further enhancing the breadth of options available for affluent clients seeking tailored solutions to meet their unique needs and preferences. Renowned for their discretion and professionalism, these banks ensure comprehensive support and guidance in managing wealth effectively.


Estonia’s banking system provides easy access to credit for individuals and businesses, supported by streamlined lending processes and flexible financing options. Whether for personal loans, mortgages, or business lines of credit, Estonian banks offer competitive rates and efficient approval procedures, fostering accessibility and financial inclusion.


Estonia’s adherence to European Union regulations ensures the absence of currency controls, promoting free movement of capital and facilitating international transactions. As a member of the Eurozone, Estonia benefits from a stable currency regime, mitigating currency risk and enhancing the attractiveness of the country for investors and businesses alike.



Estonia boasts a formidable reputation as a startup hub, propelled by its forward-thinking digital infrastructure, supportive government policies, and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. Renowned for pioneering initiatives such as e-residency and streamlined business registration processes, Estonia fosters an environment conducive to innovation and growth. Its tech-savvy population, coupled with access to skilled talent and a robust network of accelerators and incubators, positions Estonia as an attractive destination for startups seeking to thrive in the global market.


Estonia’s tax system is highly esteemed for its simplicity and transparency, fostering an environment conducive to business growth and innovation. With a focus on minimal bureaucracy and streamlined processes, Estonia offers entrepreneurs and businesses a straightforward taxation framework that encourages investment and facilitates economic development. This reputation for efficiency and clarity has established Estonia as a prime destination for companies seeking a favorable tax environment to thrive and expand their operations.


Estonia is a member of several important international organizations, including NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the European Union (EU), the Schengen Area, the World Trade Organization (WTO), the United Nations (UN), and the Council of Europe. These memberships reflect Estonia’s commitment to global cooperation, security, economic development, and adherence to international norms and values.

VC Funding

Estonia holds a distinguished reputation among venture capital investors and as a destination for venture capital investments, propelled by its vibrant startup ecosystem, innovative digital infrastructure, and supportive regulatory environment. With many successful startups emerging from its tech-savvy population, Estonia offers a fertile ground for investors seeking high-growth opportunities. The country’s strategic location within the European Union, its access to skilled talent, and its culture of entrepreneurship further enhance its appeal to venture capitalists looking to tap into emerging markets and disruptive technologies. This reputation for fostering innovation and facilitating investment has solidified Estonia’s position as a key player in the global venture capital landscape.


Estonia has garnered a notable reputation for nurturing unicorn companies (1 billion valuation), exemplifying its prowess as a breeding ground for entrepreneurial success and innovation. Despite its relatively small size, Estonia boasts an impressive number of unicorn startups, including TransferWise (now Wise), Bolt, and Pipedrive, among others. These companies have not only achieved billion-dollar valuations but have also made significant contributions to their respective industries on a global scale. Estonia’s supportive ecosystem, characterized by its digital infrastructure, forward-thinking policies, and access to skilled talent, continues to attract and empower ambitious entrepreneurs, further solidifying its status as a hotspot for unicorn ventures.

Requirements for Establishing an Estonian Holding Company


Fill out the questionnaire and submit the required documents when you are ready to proceed with the entity setup.

To set up a holding company in Estonia, investors must submit necessary documents to the Business Register, meet minimum share capital requirements (0.01 EUR), and appoint management. No local residency is required for shareholders or board members. A registered address in Estonia is not mandatory, but if the address is outside Estonia, a local contact person needs to be appointed. and a registration fee applies. IBCCS provides comprehensive support throughout and after the registration process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a Holding Company in Estonia

Steps for Establishing Your Estonian Holding Company

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Choose a Company Name and Type
  • Company Name: Ensure the name is unique and not already registered in the Estonian Commercial Register.
  • Company Type: The most common types are Private Limited Company (OÜ), Public Limited Company (AS), Sole Proprietorship (FIE), General Partnership (TÜ), Limited Partnership (UÜ), and Branch of a Foreign Company.
Establish an e-Residency (Optional)
  • e-Residency: This digital identity allows non-residents to access Estonian services, sign documents, and establish a company online. Apply for e-Residency through the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board or foreign embassy.
Register the Company
  • Online Registration: If you have e-Residency, you can register your company online via the Company Registration Portal.
  • Notary Registration: Without e-Residency, you need to visit a notary in Estonia.
  • Remote registration by a representative: Issue notarized and apostilled power of attorney (POA) to the representative of IBCCS to represent you at the notary in Estonia and establish a company on your behalf. Contact IBCCS to obtain wording for the POA.
  • As a typical alternative: Consider purchasing a ready-made or newly incorporated shelf company. Contact IBCCS for more information.
Draft and Submit Articles of Association
  • Memorandum / Articles of Association: This document outlines the company’s structure, rules, and purpose. It must be drafted and submitted to the Commercial Register.
Minimum Share Capital
  • Share Capital: For a Private Limited Company (OÜ), the minimum share capital is €0.01. It can be paid in cash which can be confirmed by the directors without opening a bank account.
Register with the Commercial Register
  • Commercial Register: Submit the necessary documents, including the Articles of Association, founder(s) information, and proof of share capital (if applicable).
Obtain Necessary Licenses and Permits
  • Licenses and Permits: Depending on the business activity, you may need specific licenses or permits. Check with the relevant Estonian authorities or IBCCS.
Register for Taxes
  • Tax Registration: Register your company with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board for VAT, payroll taxes, and other applicable taxes.
Compliance and Reporting
  • Compliance: Ensure ongoing compliance with Estonian corporate laws, including annual reporting and accounting requirements.
Additional Steps for Non-Residents
  • Registered Office: Ensure your company has an office address in Estonia.
  • Legal Contact Person: If the company does not have a registered office in Estonia, appoint a legal contact person who is a resident of Estonia (such as IBCCS)
Fill out and submit the questionnaire to let us take care of the procedures:
Holding company in Estonia holding company

Comprehensive Services

Company Establishment Package

IBCCS offers a comprehensive package for establishing your company in Estonia, including borderless banking setup, brokerage account opening, and LEI number registration. We also provide tax residence certificates, private banking introductions, connections to asset management firms, and professional advisory services. Our local support ensures a smooth and efficient company establishment process, and ongoing management.

Our tailored package includes all necessary services for setting up your company in Estonia, from legal and financial advice to local support. Trust IBCCS to handle every aspect of your company formation and management, ensuring compliance and operational efficiency.

Initial Consultation and Business Planning
  • Consultation Sessions: Initial consultation with legal, financial, and business advisors to understand your business needs and goals.
  • Business Plan Development: Assistance in creating a comprehensive business plan tailored to the Estonian market, including market analysis, competitor analysis, and strategic planning.
Legal Services
  • Company Registration: Full support in registering your company with the Estonian Commercial Register.
  • Legal Structure Advice: Guidance on choosing the most suitable legal structure for your business (e.g., private limited company, public limited company, etc.).
  • Documentation Preparation: Drafting and submission of necessary legal documents including articles of association, shareholder agreements, and more.
  • Trademark Registration: Assistance with registering trademarks and protecting intellectual property rights.
Financial Services
  • Bank Account Setup: Assistance in opening a corporate bank account in Estonia.
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping: Ongoing accounting and bookkeeping services, ensuring compliance with Estonian accounting standards.
  • Tax Registration and Compliance: Registration for VAT and other relevant taxes, along with ongoing tax compliance and filing services.
  • Payroll Services: Management of payroll processes, including salary calculations, tax withholdings, and social security contributions.
E-Residency and Digital Solutions
  • E-Residency Application: Assistance in applying for Estonian e-Residency, enabling secure digital business management.
  • Digital Signature Setup: Setup and training on using digital signatures for secure and efficient document management.
  • Online Banking Setup: Guidance on setting up and managing online banking for streamlined financial operations.
Local Support Services
  • Virtual Office: Provision of a virtual office address in Estonia, including mail handling and forwarding services.
  • Local Representation: Local representative services if required by law or client.
  • Office Space Assistance: Help in finding and leasing physical office space if needed.
Human Resources and Recruitment
  • HR Consultancy: Guidance on local employment laws, recruitment, and HR policies.
  • Recruitment Services: Assistance in recruiting local talent, including job posting, candidate screening, and interviews.
  • Employee Onboarding: Support with employee onboarding processes and compliance with local labor laws.
IT and Technical Support
  • IT Infrastructure Setup: Assistance with setting up IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, and network solutions.
  • Cybersecurity Services: Implementation of cybersecurity measures to protect your business data and systems.
  • Technical Support: Ongoing technical support and maintenance services.
Business Development and Marketing
  • Market Entry Strategy: Development of a market entry strategy tailored to the Estonian market.
  • Marketing and Branding: Assistance with creating a marketing plan, branding, and online presence including website development and social media management.
  • Local Networking: Introduction to local business networks, chambers of commerce, and industry associations.
Ongoing Compliance and Advisory Services
  • Compliance Monitoring: Regular monitoring and updates on changes in local regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Business Advisory: Continuous business advisory services to help with strategic decision-making and growth.
  • Annual Reporting: Preparation and submission of annual reports and financial statements to the relevant authorities.
The pricing for this comprehensive package will depend on the specific needs and size of your business. A detailed quote can be provided after the initial consultation.
Consider establishing Estonia as one of your residencies or relocate to Estonia

Obtain Estonia Visa or Estonia Residence Permit

Estonia offers a Digital Nomad Visa for remote workers who are employed by non-Estonian companies or who run their own location-independent businesses. This visa allows digital nomads to legally live and work in Estonia for up to one year. Applicants must demonstrate that they can work remotely using telecommunications technology and have a stable income sufficient to support themselves during their stay. The visa is designed to attract skilled professionals, and business owners, fostering a dynamic, international tech and entrepreneurial community within the country.

Estonia’s Visa for Employment is designed for individuals who have secured a job offer from an Estonian employer. This visa permits foreign workers to live and work in Estonia for up to 1 year, with the possibility of extending the stay. Applicants must present a valid employment contract and meet specific qualifications or experience requirements relevant to their job position. This visa aims to address labor shortages and attract skilled professionals to Estonia’s growing industries, particularly in technology and innovation sectors.

The Regular D Visa in Estonia caters to those intending to stay longer than 90 days but no more than 365 days for various purposes such as visiting, tourism, or study. This visa is suitable for individuals participating in long-term study programs, undergoing professional training, or engaging in other extended activities. Applicants need to provide relevant documentation supporting their reason for stay, such as acceptance letters from educational institutions or detailed travel plans. D Visa offers a flexible option for extended stays while contributing to Estonia’s cultural and educational exchange.

Employer of Record (EOR) service in Estonia allows companies to hire foreign employees without establishing a legal entity in the country. This service is ideal for businesses seeking to expand their workforce in Estonia efficiently. Through EOR, a local third-party organization handles employment contracts, payroll, taxes, and compliance with local labour laws, enabling companies to employ staff remotely legally. This setup provides flexibility for both employers and employees, facilitating global talent acquisition while ensuring adherence to Estonia’s employment regulations.

The Employment Residence Permit is for individuals who have secured employment with an Estonian employer. Applicants need a valid job contract and must meet qualification requirements relevant to their job. This permit allows foreign workers to live and work in Estonia for the duration of their employment.

Estonia’s Major Investor Residence Permit is for individuals investing a substantial amount in an Estonian company or investment fund. Applicants must invest at least €1 million, contributing to the country’s economic growth. This permit allows investors and their families to reside in Estonia and enjoy its business-friendly environment.

The Startup Visa is designed for innovative entrepreneurs aiming to establish or expand their startups in Estonia. Applicants must have a viable business plan and meet the criteria set by the Startup Committee. This visa allows founders and their families to reside and develop their businesses in Estonia’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

The Residence Permit for Entrepreneurship is for individuals planning to engage in business activities in Estonia. Applicants must demonstrate a viable business plan and sufficient financial resources. This permit enables entrepreneurs to reside in Estonia and contribute to its economic development through their business ventures.

The Residence Permit for Intra-corporate Transferee is for employees transferred within a multinational company or group to Estonia. Applicants must have worked for the company for at least six months and possess relevant professional qualifications. This permit allows them to live and work in Estonia temporarily while contributing to the company’s local operations.


This residence permit is for individuals performing directing or supervisory roles in a private law entity or a branch of a foreign company in Estonia. Applicants must provide proof of their role and the company’s registration. This permit allows them to reside in Estonia while overseeing their company’s operations.

Our partner is enjoying Estonian nature at Jägala Waterfall – 33 minutes from the IBCCS Estonia office.

The tranquility of nature is good for the well-being of your mind.

holding company in Estonia holding company - paradise, family office in Estonia
Estonia is regarded as one of the world’s top 10 countries in quality of life, boasting:

  • top quality free universal healthcare
  • low crime
  • low pollution
  • convenient and free public transport in the capital
  • high-quality free education
  • part of EU, Schengen
  • OECDs most competitive tax jurisdiction for nine years.
  • No property tax on the home and no capital gains on selling the home

Summary of cost of living in Tallinn, Estonia:

  • A family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,970.6€ without rent
  • A single person’s estimated monthly costs are 878.8€ without rent.
  • Tallinn is 44.6% less expensive than New York
  • Rent in Tallinn is, on average, 83.3% lower than in New York.

Our Services

International Tax Advisory

Our specialists offer expert advice on international tax planning and compliance, helping you optimize your tax liabilities and take full advantage of Estonia’s favorable tax regime.

Corporate Governance

We assist in establishing robust corporate governance structures, ensuring your company adheres to all regulatory requirements and operates efficiently. Our services include board appointments, compliance checks, and more.

Local Support Services

Our local teams provide ongoing support for your business operations in Estonia, including accounting, legal, and administrative services. We ensure your company runs smoothly and complies with all local regulations.

Entity Formation

We provide comprehensive services for setting up your legal entity in Estonia, from drafting and notarizing documents to registering with the Business Register. Our experts ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Residence Permit Assistance

We help you navigate the various residence permit options in Estonia, including permits for major investors, directors, and startup founders. Our experts ensure a smooth application process, tailored to your specific needs.

Visa Procurement

Our team assists in obtaining digital nomad and employment visas, facilitating your initial move to Estonia. We handle all the paperwork and legal requirements, making the process hassle-free.

Become a client

Becoming a client of IBCCS is a two-way process designed to determine which services are right for you and whether we are a good fit.

Understand tax implications before incorporating a company

International tax is complex - watch our webinar

We work closely with you to develop tax strategies that support your long-term business goals and personal financial plans, taking into consideration the latest tax laws and regulations.

Common Questions About Holding Companies in Estonia

Setting up a holding company in Estonia can be straightforward with the right guidance. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you understand the process better.
Can I register a holding company remotely?
Yes, you can register a holding company remotely. However, you might need to appoint a local contact person to complete the registration. Our agents in Estonia can assist you with this process.
Is there a minimum share capital requirement?
Yes, the minimum share capital for a Private Limited Company (OU) is EUR 0.01, and can be paid in with cash, for a Public Limited Company (AS) it is EUR 25,000. Our experts can help you understand the best option for your needs.
Are there special requirements for opening a holding company in Estonia?
No, there are no special requirements for opening a holding company compared to a traditional business. The process is designed to be simple and efficient.
Is it difficult to register a holding company in Estonia?
No, the process of opening a holding company in Estonia is straightforward. With our expert assistance, we can set up your holding company, including banking, in as little as one week.
How do holding companies make money
Holding companies make money by owning and controlling other companies, allowing them to collect dividends, interests, and royalties from their subsidiaries. Through strategic investments and financial management, holding companies generate revenue and increase their overall value, making them key players in the global business landscape.
How long does it take to register a holding company in Estonia?
The registration process for a holding company in Estonia can take as little as one day, depending on the completeness of your documentation and the efficiency of the Business Register.
What are the steps to register a holding company in Estonia?
The steps include drafting and notarizing the Articles of Association, reserving a company name, filing necessary documents, appointing a management board, and opening a bank account. Our team can guide you through each step.
What business forms can a holding company take in Estonia?
You can form a holding company as a Private Limited Company (OU), Public Limited Company (AS), General Partnership (TÜ), or Limited Partnership (UÜ), or European Company (Societas Europe). Each form has its own requirements and benefits.
How do holding companies work
Curious about how holding companies work? A holding company is a firm that owns the outstanding stock of other companies, which allows it to control the management and policies of those companies. Essentially, a holding company exists to own, manage, and govern various subsidiary companies. How does a holding company work? By holding the shares of other companies, providing oversight, and often consolidating financial statements, a holding company can streamline operations, reduce costs, and facilitate growth across its subsidiaries.
Do I need a local bank account to register a holding company?
No, there is no legal requirement to open a local bank account. You can choose to open a bank account either locally or abroad.
Can IBCCS assist with the registration process?
Absolutely. Our experts in company registration in Estonia can assist you through each step of the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient establishment of your holding company.
What is e-residency?
Estonian e-residency allows individuals to establish and manage a business online, without the need for physical presence in the country. With a minimum share capital requirement of just EUR 0.01 for a Private Limited Company (OU), e-residency offers a cost-effective and flexible option for global entrepreneurs. IBCCS Estonia can provide expert guidance on the best options for your business needs.
Why is Estonia a tax haven?
Estonia is seen as a tax haven due to its unique tax system, where corporate profits are taxed only when distributed, encouraging reinvestment. It offers a simple, transparent, and digital tax administration with low, flat tax rates (20% for both corporate and personal income). Additionally, Estonia has no withholding taxes on dividends, interest, or royalties, and benefits from numerous double taxation treaties. This competitive, efficient tax structure attracts international businesses.
Why open a subsidiary in Estonia?
Opening a subsidiary in Estonia offers numerous benefits, including a highly competitive tax system where corporate profits are taxed only upon distribution, fostering reinvestment. The business environment is characterized by simplicity and transparency, supported by advanced digital infrastructure for seamless e-governance and efficient tax administration. Estonia’s low, flat tax rates, absence of withholding taxes on dividends, interest, and royalties, and extensive double taxation treaties make it financially attractive. Additionally, Estonia provides a stable economy, a strong legal framework, and robust support for entrepreneurship and innovation, making it an ideal location for expanding businesses.
Where is the best place in Europe for a holding company?

Estonia is one of the best places in Europe for a holding company due to its highly competitive tax system, where corporate profits are taxed only upon distribution, encouraging reinvestment. It offers a simple, transparent, and efficient digital infrastructure for e-governance and tax administration. With low, flat tax rates, no withholding taxes on dividends, interest, or royalties, and a wide network of double taxation treaties, Estonia is financially advantageous. The country’s stable economy, strong legal framework, and supportive environment for entrepreneurship and innovation further enhance its appeal for holding companies.

Get Expert Assistance for Your Estonian Holding Company

Ready to establish your holding company in Estonia? Contact IBCCS for professional guidance and comprehensive support throughout the process. Our experts are here to help you navigate the legal and administrative requirements with ease. Reach out to us today to get started!

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