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At IBCCS, we are experts in delivering exceptional compliance and governance services, enabling your business to expand into new markets effortlessly. Our comprehensive solutions encompass establishing a business, facilitating staff migration, and ensuring seamless operations while complying with all essential regulations, both locally and internationally. Trust us to assist you in achieving your business goals with utmost professionalism and meticulous attention to detail.

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International Tax Planning

Expert guidance on corporate and personal tax strategies that span multiple jurisdictions, ensuring compliance and optimization of tax obligations.

Domestic Tax Consultation

Specialized tax consulting services for businesses and individuals in Estonia, UAE, Cyprus, and Georgia, tailored to local regulations and standards.

Corporate Structuring / Entity formation advisory

Design and implementation of optimal legal structures for your business to enhance operational efficiency and strategic growth across borders.

Immigration Consulting

Comprehensive immigration advisory for Estonia, Georgia, Cyprus, and UAE, facilitating smooth transitions for businesses and individuals.

Consultation Fees

International Tax Planning

from EUR 480
Corporate Tax Planning
Expert guidance on corporate tax structures and strategies for international operations.
Personal Tax Planning
Personalized tax planning services for individuals working or investing abroad.

Domestic Tax Consultation

from EUR 240
  • Comprehensive tax consultation tailored to local regulations and business environment;
  • Strategic tax advice focused on the unique fiscal landscape and opportunities of the jurisdiction
  • Detailed guidance on navigating local tax laws for optimal business performance
  • Expert tax consulting services ensuring compliance with local tax regulations
Jurisdictions: Estonia, UAE, Cyprus, Georgia

Corporate Structuring

from EUR 240
Legal Structure Design

Designing legal structures that align with corporate strategies and compliance requirements.

Optimal Arrangement Planning

Creating optimal operational and financial arrangements for enhanced governance.

Immigration Consulting

  • Navigating immigration laws to facilitate smooth business transitions and residency.
  • Customized immigration strategies to help clients establish or expand operations.
from EUR 300
Jurisdictions: Estonia, UAE, Cyprus, Georgia

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