At IBCCS Estonia, we offer tailored strategies to navigate the complexities of EU visas and residence permits. Additionally, we furnish comprehensive support services to initiate and flourish your business endeavours in Estonia.

A prime example of our expertise is guiding clients through the Estonian Digital Nomad visa process. This visa stands out due to its efficient application process, offering a significant advantage over the more protracted residence permit procedures. Applicants can anticipate a processing period of just 30 days and, upon approval, enjoy a stay in Estonia for up to 548 days within a 730-day span using consecutive visas.

This arrangement not only allows individuals to immerse themselves in Estonian culture but also affords them the flexibility to evaluate business prospects without immediate substantial commitments. Key features of the Digital Nomad visa include the privilege to work within Estonia, paving the way for meaningful business engagements such as the establishment of a branch office, local company incorporation, investments in Estonian ventures or funds, or even self-employment. Importantly, families of primary applicants are eligible for a complimentary residence permit.

Estonia’s immigration program, with an entrepreneurial focus, stands out as one of the most cost-effective and expedient across the EU. In addition to granting access to the world’s largest single market, Estonia presents a plethora of unparalleled business opportunities. Beyond providing access to the world’s premier single market, Estonia presents unparalleled business opportunities. With strategic cross-border planning, one can seamlessly live, conduct business, and bequeath assets to successors, all while optimizing for a nearly tax-free environment. Estonia’s impressive track record underscores its business-friendly environment. The country is ranked 10th globally in emerging startup ecosystems and has maintained the most competitive tax code in the OECD for nearly a decade. Furthermore, it boasts the highest per capita figures for VC investments, startups, and unicorns.

Join us at IBCCS Estonia to tap into this thriving ecosystem.

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