Why You Should Consider Move to Estonia as an E-Resident: A Tax Perspective

Dear E-Residents (and other non-tax residents with Estonian businesses),

In recent years, Estonia has emerged as a beacon for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and businesses seeking a tax-efficient and transparent environment. As an e-resident, you have the unique opportunity to tap into the numerous benefits offered by Estonia’s innovative tax system. One of the most compelling aspects is the synergy between Estonian personal tax residency and establishing a company here, particularly in terms of dividend taxation. Let me elaborate on why this combination could be a game-changer for you.

  1. Estonian Company and Dividend Taxation: Now, here’s where the magic happens. When you establish a company in Estonia, whether it’s a traditional brick-and-mortar business or an online venture, you can benefit from one of the most tax-efficient corporate tax systems in the world. The corporate tax rate is a flat 20%, and the taxation of distributed profits is deferred until actual distribution. What’s more, you have ample amount of ways to plan your taxes and reduce total effective taxation even down to zero. The real gem lies in how Estonia treats dividends. Unlike in many other jurisdictions, where dividends are subject to double taxation – once at the corporate level and again at the personal level when received by shareholders – Estonia employs a unique system that eliminates this burden for its tax residents. As an Estonian tax resident, when you receive dividends from your Estonian company, they are not taxed again at the personal level. This means that your hard-earned profits remain largely intact, providing you with a significant competitive advantage compared to entrepreneurs operating in less tax-friendly environments.
  2. Efficient and Transparent Tax System: Estonia is renowned for its digital infrastructure and efficient bureaucracy. The entire tax system is digitized, making compliance simple and hassle-free. Furthermore, Estonia’s commitment to transparency and adherence to international standards ensures that you can conduct your business with confidence, knowing that you’re operating in a stable and reputable environment.
    This tax system is also available to foreign companies operating in Estonia.
  3. Access to the European Union Market: By establishing your business in Estonia, you gain access not only to the local market but also to the broader European Union market. This opens up a world of opportunities for expansion and growth, while still benefiting from Estonia’s favorable tax regime.

In conclusion, moving to Estonia offers a myriad of tax advantages, particularly when combined with establishing a company here. The seamless integration of personal tax residency and corporate taxation, coupled with Estonia’s digital infrastructure and commitment to transparency, creates an environment that is uniquely conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Whether you’re a digital nomad, a startup founder, or an established business owner, Estonia beckons with its promise of minimal bureaucracy, low taxes, and boundless opportunities. Take the leap and discover why Estonia is not just a destination but a strategic advantage for your business.

Best regards,

Taavi Tammoja


Partner at IBCCS TAX

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